Shooting on the Farm

Shooting spaces around the farm

The garden courtyard – open air, with roses, lavender, clematis and many other flowers growing wild. There is a high gated entrance, a wall of roses in June and a pond filled with reeds and lillies. Every single corner of the courtyard has interesting features and angles for creative natural light photography.

The Vermeer bedroom – a simple bedroom with period wooden furniture (somehow) creating the atmosphere of a Vermeer classic masterpiece! One window for natural light (or studio lights can be brought in). Suits more simple ‘rustic’ outfits, it has two large facing mirrors creating an infinity perspective.
The library – with an old checkered tiled floor and walls filled with books and magazines, an old fireplace, mirrors, religious icons and a selection of old furniture.
The sunken bath – a large bathroom with no windows, and a (half) sunken bath with a symmetric perspective onto it.
The white cellar – low vaulted brick cellar, painted white, with a single small window. Super atmospheric.

The studio – a large 6m cube space with hanging paper rolls, polished marble floor, and brick and rendered walls. The gallery balcony allows shooting down onto a scene. Fulled equipped photographic studio with pro flash units, backdrops and furniture.
The black boudoir – a 3x4m boudoir set with black walls, black Louis XIV style bed, and black satin bedsheets to make the model stand out

The loft – super eerie! A tall loft with ancient wooden beams and posts, and roots growing down through one side of the roof, both ends of the loft can be used for shooting with studio or natural light. An extraordinary space….
The rustic kitchen – with a polished stone floor, period fireplace, vintage sewing machine and period armchair.
The swedish bedroom – a completely pine-clad bedroom with dark oak furniture and one small low-level window creating an eerie pool of light.
The workshop – a long perspective onto shelves filled with tools and a single window.
The gallery – still to be developed for shooting, the gallery overlooks the studio.

The barn – at certain times of the day, in full sunlight, the many holes in the roof creates spectacular light shafts. With the smoke machines extraordinary images can be created. There are numerous shooting angles and spaces within the barn.
The prison passageway – leads from the courtyard to the field with bars at the end.
The field – currently inaccessible due to being overgrown with nettles, a large field at the back could be used for shooting when I finally get in to cut back the nettles!

There are also numerous staircases, corridors, doorways, landings, passageways and other lofts and farm storerooms that could also be used for shooting…

MarinaBella at the rose wall
Christall in the Vermeer bedroom
Nora in the Vermeer Bedroom
Katex in the Library
Cece in the Loft
MarinaBella in the Black Boudoir

Scenes from around the farm