Remote Shooting

Remote photo shooting is possible at HH Studio for certain sessions with models. Still photography only is possible, not video. There are several things to be aware of BEFORE booking.

  1. You will need to be in a location with good, stable internet connection, and you will be using your computer or tablet, not a mobile phone. You will need to be available during the whole session, for which start and end times will be agreed beforehand. All times displayed on the model page are Central European Time (CET).
  2. IN ADVANCE, you will need to install Team Viewer software on your computer to control my computer, which will be tethered to my camera (Canon 6Dii). It is not recommended to control via mobile phone, since it will be needed for the separate video call, and mouse control is far more difficult.
  3. We will open a video call (e.g. What’s App) at the time of the shoot to allow easy communications. It will allow you direct the model, and to instruct me on positioning of the camera and lighting. You will be able to change camera settings on screen.
  4. We will need at agree beforehand in which room at the studio you want to shoot, so that we can be ready and set up to maximise the shooting time for you. Changing room takes up time, so it is recommended to agree on rooms beforehand.
  5. We will also need to agree beforehand what clothing/ lingerie the model will begin by wearing, and any special instructions for hair and make up. Having a timing plan for the shoot will also be a good idea.
  6. You will get ALL photos taken in JPG and RAW format, sent afterwards (likely to be that evening) by WeTransfer/ SwissTransfer.
  7. If you have ANY QUESTIONS about the technical or practical aspects, PLEASE be in touch by email BEFORE you book. After you have booked we will liaise to agree the plan and timing, and potentially test the connection.