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In Heks / Heers (“HH”), near to Liege, Belgium is a private farm building complex with multiple shooting locations inside and outside. The buildings and furnishings have been completely untouched for many years, making it an amazing, authentic period location. There are multiple unique features to the buildings, that will ensure stunning, atmospheric photography. As well as the period rooms, it also has a fully equipped, full height photographic studio. Each room or space has its own possibilities for shooting with studio or natural lighting… there are MORE THAN 20 ROOMS or SPACES in which to shoot! Read more about the studio here!

HH Studio is available for hire by photographers of all levels, and help and support can be provided as needed. There is a wide variety of lighting, studio equipment and backdrops, and the boudoir set and other furniture that is included in the hire fees. Read all about the studio here.

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Events Listings

We run creative photography events with beautiful, international, professional models, with full studio lighting support as you need it. This is the current event listing and potentially you can book any of these models for a shoot. New events are currently being arranged for the autumn, so sign up on the mailing list below to be the first to hear about them. No spam, just great events!

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